New Device Being Used at Digestive Healthcare Endoscopy Center in Atlanta


If you are having a screening colonoscopy at our GI Lab in Atlanta a new device may be used to better examine your colon.  The Endocuff TM is a disposable device that fits over the end of the colonoscope.  It has two rows of soft flexible arms that allow better visualization of the colon by retracting the folds of the colon upon withdrawal of the scope.  This enables our doctors to see more of the colon lining and detect polyps that might have previously been unseen.

Three separate studies have shown an improvement in polyp detection rate from 29-55% when using the Endocuff TM.  Studies have also shown that doctors with low polyp detection rates have a higher percentage of patients who develop colon cancer even though they have had a screening colonoscopy.  We are conducting a 90 day study to see if using this device increases our polyp detection rate at Digestive Healthcare Endoscopy Center in Atlanta.