Capsule Endoscopy (Pill Cam)


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To ensure the best results for your PillCam capsule endoscopy of the small bowel, follow your doctor’s instructions carefully and completely.

Day Before Capsule Endoscopy:

  • Start the prescribed liquid diet after lunch.
  • Do not eat or drink except for necessary medication with a sip of water, 10 hours before your capsule endoscopy.

Day of Capsule Endoscopy:

  • Do not take any medication 2 hours before having the exam.
  • Do not apply body lotion or powder to your abdomen.
  • Wear loose fitting, two piece clothing. Your upper clothing should be opaque, not sheer.
  • Arrive for your appointment at the scheduled time.

After swallowing the PillCam SB Capsule:

The capsule endoscopy procedure will last approximately 12 hours. Contact your doctor’s office immediately if you suffer from any abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting during your procedure.

  • You may drink colorless liquids starting 2 hours after swallowing the PillCam. Do no drink any red liquids.
  • You may have food 8 hours after ingestion. After the examination is completed, you may return to your normal diet.
  • Check the blue flashing DataRecorder light every 15 minutes to be sure it is blinking twice per second. If it stops blinking or changing color, note the time and contact your doctor.
  • Use the supplied Capsule Endoscopy Event Form to note the time of any event such as eating, drinking or a change in your activity. Return the complete Event Form to your doctor at the time you return the equipment.
  • Avoid strong electromagnetic fields such as MRI devices or ham radios after swallowing the capsule and until you pass it in a bowel movement.
  • Do not disconnect the equipment or completely remove the DataRecorder at any time during the procedure.
  • Treat the DataRecorder carefully. Avoid sudden movements and banging of the DataRecorder.
  • Avoid direct exposure to bright sunlight.