Flexible Sigmoidoscopy with Sedation

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You may have nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before the exam.

*** Take all regular medications as scheduled with a small amount of water ***


Use 2 Fleet Enemas (green box at drug store).

  • Do one enema, 1 ½ hours prior to leaving for your procedure.
  • Do second enema, 1 hour prior to leaving for your procedure.

After careful medical assessment, your doctor has recommended that you have a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy. During this procedure, a flexible fiberoptic tube (Sigmoidoscope) is passed through the rectum into the lower intestine (sigmoid colon). The doctor will examine the lining of the rectum and the sigmoid colon and will identify any abnormalities.

During the sigmoidoscopy procedure, you will lie on your left side with knees bent. The doctor will first examine your rectum with a gloved, lubricated finger. Then he will insert the lubricated sigmoidoscope. As the sigmoidoscope is carefully advanced through the rectum and sigmoid colon, the doctor will examine the intestinal lining for any abnormalities. The procedure usually takes 5 to 15 minutes.

After the sigmoidoscopy, the doctor will explain the results to you. The results of the biopsy may take a 7-10 days for the office to receive. You may have some mild cramping or bloating sensations because of the air that has been passed into the colon during the examination. This will disappear quickly with the passage of gas. You should be able to eat and resume your normal activities after leaving the office.